MST Consulting

MST Consulting works with a few select clients who need help with designing, installing, and maintaining their network and computers. My customers run a mix of desktop and server operating systems, primarily Microsoft-based. I take a minimalist approach to business computing: use only what is needed to get the job done. This means I will not recommend upgrading every desktop to the latest screaming hardware with go-faster stripes. Instead, I work with you first to determine what your business does, what your goals are, who your customers are, and what your workflow is. Then we talk about your options, and you choose from the alternatives, because you are in the best position to decide what is right for your customers and your business.

Many small businesses benefit from running Microsoft Windows® Small Business Server, the latest version of which is SBS 2003. It is also convenient from a consultant's perspective, as it has numerous automated reports and remote management capabilities which mean I can respond quickly to problems on your network. If you are looking to reduce the chaos on your network and streamline management, Among its many advantages are that it is attractively priced, costing less than a third of the separately sold components. I suggest you read about Small Business Server 2003 to see if it fits your needs.

My background includes twelve years in the software industry at Attachmate, Compaq, and WRQ, starting at the bottom in customer support and working my way up to senior product manager. I am comfortable working with business and technical people, can manage projects small and large, and wrote the book on Windows Server 2000.